Video Lab Diese Webseiten entsprechen den Empfehlungen zum Jugend-Medienschutz der Stufe 0 Jahre (keine Altersbeschränkung) Our website corresponds to the legal protection reccommendations for children and young persons Products / NuMedia NuMedia Technology: DIRAC-PRO HD-SDI/SDI decoder/encoder for contribution, dual-link convertor, HD-SDI multiplexing, , VC-2 Codecs for transport of a 3G, Dual-Link or two HD-SDI sources viewable over single HD-SDI link. 3Genie HD 3G Test Signal Generators. 3D Multistandard Processors. Neu digital video 3G signal distribution with cable equalization display and coaxial cable extenders. Seite in Deutsch Video Lab  Cologne / Germany Phone: +49 (0)221 590 32 05 E-Mail: