Video Lab Diese Webseiten entsprechen den Empfehlungen zum Jugend-Medienschutz der Stufe 0 Jahre (keine Altersbeschränkung) Our website corresponds to the legal protection reccommendations for children and young persons Products / Renegade Labs Renegade Labs Audio Mixer for Video applications: Compact Broadcast multi format , Analog, AES/EBU digital, Embedded HD or SD SDI up to  32 Inputs on 8 Output Busses.  Audio Mixer for editing Surround-Sound Audio like Video in NLE Suites or with ESAM  II  Edit Control protocol, for Linear Editing Systems. Blue 328 The Blue|328 is a complete 8 bus, 32 input mixer with a wealth of features in an incredibly  small package. EQ, Dynamics and Surround Sound Monitoring come standard. Designed for  NLE edit suites, Telecine bays, Mobile Trucks and similar applications where available space is small and the audio requirements are large. Large digital consoles may provide some of the necessary tools for the video professional, but  they are lost in menus, on a complex control surface, that is just too difficult to operate in most  video applications. You have told us that it should not be necessary to work through this  complexity to perform the most basic of audio for video functions. The physical size of these  larger mixers is also a negative factor in many NLE edit suites. There just isn't enough room for a large audio mixer on the desk. At less than  one cubic foot in size (16517cc) the Blue|328 is a perfect fit.   Seite in Deutsch Video Lab  Cologne / Germany Phone: +49 (0)221 590 32 05 E-Mail: